The Nummo by Shannon Dorey

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Dorey's research in The Nummo reveals that the African Dogon religion is the oldest religion in the world. It existed in Africa long before humans migrated to other areas of the world. Dorey has found the Dogon religion in various ancient cultures including Greek, Roman, Christian, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Maya and Aztec mythology. In The Nummo, Dorey associates the Dogon religion with knowledge of the Arthurian legends, the Book of Kells, Rosslyn Chapel symbolism, and the Dresden Codex.

In some ancient cultures, like the ancient Celtic culture, Dorey has found Dogon symbolism relating to genetic regeneration and knowledge of DNA. The symbol of "the Word", which is a symbol of DNA in the Dogon religion, appears in many ancient cultures including Christianity. According to the Dogon, the Earth animals (meaning humans), were only able to speak once their DNA had been upgraded using the Nummos' DNA. This is why "the Word" was such an important symbol in their religion. Although the Earth animals became intelligent as a result of the experiment, they lost their immortality.

There was some suggestion by the Dogon that the Nummo's planet had been dying out, which is why they ended up on Earth. They had planned to live on the Earth and combine their DNA with the animals here to create a new life form they could inhabit. What Dogon mythology tells us, is that their experiment failed. Not only was humanity born from this failure but Nummo souls were lost to the Earth and as a result, humans became forever twinned to the alien Nummo.

According to the Dogon, the Nummo were perceived as being immortal because when they died and were reborn, they could remember their previous existence. The Dogon elder Ogotemmêli described life and death for the amphibious Nummo as being like a snake shedding its skin. According to the Dogon, in the beginning of human existence, immortality was the norm and time, as we know it, was irrelevant. It was only after certain individuals started being born mortal and disconnected from the Nummo, that the Nummo realized their experiment had failed.

The importance of the Dogon religion is apparent in our own time with the rediscovery of genetics. To learn more about this first religion buy the Nummo.

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